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Wetin be Pomelo?
By Willo
May 30, 2023

Wetin be Pomelo?

Pomelo dey give you place where you fit get money for your public good projects to build. Matching partners dey provide pool of money wey go make big impact.

Public good na something wey dey free and e benefit everybody the same way. Open source software na one example of public good. The person wey create the code make am available for everybody to use and modify.

Pomelo na one crowdfunding platform wey you fit post your Web3 public good projects, then carry your community make dem support you. Projects still get donations wey match dem (based on the number of unique donors) from pool of funds.

So, the funding dey come from two places:

  1. Donations: communities dy support the grants wey dem feel say sure by donating to dem.
  2. Matching pool: partners dey provide funds wey go distribute using quadratic funding.

Pomelo dey run multiple seasons for each year, and each season dey last 13 weeks.

Quadratic funding na one crowdfunding campaign wey you go match contributions from individuals with pool of funds wey bigger donors don raise. As the number of individuals wey support one project increase, na so the project go collect better funds from the matching pool.

Who dey create the public goods?

Anybody fit submit grant application: developers, businesses, or individuals wey get new or ongoing projects wey dey build public goods on the Antelope blockchains. All you need na idea for one product or service wey go benefit the ecosystem and plan to build am.

Pomelo season 6 grant application dy start May 31 12:00 UTC. This particular season, we get different matching pools were go benefit people we wan do something were fo benefit Antelope ecosystem. image.png

So wetin you dy dull? Visit and create your first grant today!!



EOS Nigeria Coordinator

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