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EOS News Goes Pidgin
By Willo
Apr 29, 2023

EOS News Goes Pidgin

The EOS Nigeria Community don launch one new website wey go give all di latest tori about EOS for Nigerian Pidgin, wey be di language wey many pipo for Naija sabi speak. Di aim of dis kain initiative na to make am easy for pipo for Naija to dey updated for di tori wey concern EOS and to also encourage more pipo to join di EOS community.

Wen pipo fit see tori and updates for Nigerian Pidgin, e go make am easier for dem to sabi and join di EOS community. E sure because language wey pipo no too sabi, fit block dem from getting important information and opportunities. Dis kind initiative fit also help increase adoption of EOS for Naija as more pipo dey aware of di benefit of using EOS blockchain for decentralized applications and transactions.

EOS Nigeria Community website dey also provide platform wey go make pipo for Naija engage with di wider EOS community, wey fit lead to new partnerships, collaborations, and projects. E fit eventually help grow di EOS ecosystem and benefit both Naija and international EOS users.

For conclusion, di launch of di EOS Nigeria Community website na one positive development for di EOS ecosystem, and e fit get significant impact on di growth and adoption of EOS for Naija and di world as e be.

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