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EOS Monthly Report for March 2024
By Willo
Mar 19, 2024

EOS Monthly Report for March 2024

For di EOS ecosystem, dem still dey push di limits of Web3 innovation for di past few weeks. Dis report go help you catch up on top of di latest tori, like di 2 Million EOS wey dem recover for EOS EVM and di ongoing work on top of BTC L2 scaling solution. If you miss di Everything EOS Livestream wey dem recently show, make sure say you check am out. But if time dey short for you, dis report go cover di most important news from EOS.

Recovery of 2M EOS for EOS EVM

One of di biggest achievements for di EOS community during di past month na di recovery of 2 Million EOS from one Paycash exploit. Dis recovery happen through di Recover+ platform, wey be one sharp-sharp cybersecurity portal and rapid response program wey unique to di EOS ecosystem.

Dis R+ platform don continue from one successful legacy, and dem don set new record by intervening successfully for dis matter wey concern di EOS EVM. Dis show say dem get expanded abilities pass di EOS Native, something wey no dey industry before. Dis amazing recovery operation no just secure almost 2 million EOS for di people wey get am, e also show say R+ be di first program of im kind wey fit extend im protective measures to EOS EVM projects.

Work for BTC L2 dy Progress

Work dey go on steady for di background with di BTC L2 working group, wey dem give di task to build one EVM-compatible scaling solution for Bitcoin on top of di EOS Network. With di integration of one trustless bridge and Layer 0 approach to scaling, dis solution dey promising to be one innovative addition to di EOS ecosystem.

Towards di end of February, ENF CEO, Yves La Rose, talk say work on top of di whitepaper dey almost finish, and e still give small hint say di RAMS project fit get one role for di platform. Make sure say you dey follow am and di EOS Network Foundation for X to stay updated on top of dis exciting project.

Dem don announce di timeline for Antelope Leap 6!

Also for February, di EOS engineering team announce say dem dey plan to launch Leap 6 wey go happun for July of 2024. Leap 6 go come with di groundbreaking Savanna consensus algorithm wey go make transaction finality happen faster and create consensus transactions wey no fit reverse, and e go dey over 100 times faster compared to previous releases. Dis one go not just speed up transaction finality, e go also make security, user experience, and decentralization better for di EOS ecosystem.

With dis announcement, di timeline for release and di hard fork upgrade come out. Dem recommend say make all EOS Nodes upgrade between July 11th to 30th, to make sure say transition dey smooth and network synchronization dey okay. Di hard fork go happen on July 31st, wey be di critical date for all upgrades to finish.

EOS Technical Updates don land!

Apart from the work wey dem dey do on top of BTC L2 and Leap 6, di EOS engineering team still dey make progress for plenty other areas. One of di big ones na di reveal of di EOS roadmap for 2024, wey include tins like di launch of EOS EVM v1 and RAM Transferability.

For early February, di team from EOSSphere come release one article wey detail di findings of performance tests wey dem do on top of Leap 5. Wetin dem find be say Leap 5 get lower CPU utilisation, e use memory more efficiently, and di disk IO dey easy to manage.

Another big technical update wey happen for di previous month na di official completion of WharfKit by Greymass. Dis one na strong suite of SDKs wey make am easy for developers to build Web3 applications wey anybody fit use on top of EOS and other Antelope networks, and e come out from di funding wey Antelope Coalition provide.

Di EOS Ecosystem dey grow fast fast!

Dis month don pass na another epic one for di whole EOS community. Di recovery of 2 Million EOS on EOS EVM, updates on BTC L2, and di upcoming Leap 6 hardfork, all na reasons to dey look forward to wetin di coming months go bring for di EOS community. If you wan dive deeper into di recent milestones wey EOS see over di past few months, make sure say you check out di recently released 2023 Q4 report, e full of news wey worth note.

If you be builder, make sure say you join di current Developer Challenges to get chance to win up to 1000 EOS. Also, no forget to join di EOS Global Telegram group to connect with di EOS community. Every Thursday by 7pm UTC, di community dey meet for one Telegram voice chat wey dem call di weekly EOS Lounge, and dem dey discuss di latest news from di ecosystem. Lastly, no forget to follow di EOS Network Foundation for X to stay updated on top of future news.

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