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EOS don lap East Asian Markets
By Willo
Sep 05, 2023

EOS don lap East Asian Markets

TOKYO, Japan – EOS Network Foundation dey happy sote dem fit yan say dem don achieve one big level for EOS journey wey dey aimed to make am easy for pipo to use am. Dem don give approval for EOS token to work with yen for Japan wey Japan Virtual and Crypto Asset Exchange Association (JVCEA) approve.

This kain achievement wey dem get don open road for EOS to dey exchange with Japanese yen for cryptocurrency markets wey dem dey regulate for Japan.

The approval from JVCEA na big step forward, and e mean say EOS Network fit reach more Japanese users, developers, and investors. Dem go begin trade EOS for BitTrade from middle of September, wey be one of the cryptocurrency marketplaces wey get license and dey regulated by Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA).

The strong rules wey dey control digital tokens for Japan dey recognized well-well for how dem dey strong and strict. Under Payment Services Act, JVCEA and FSA dey closely watch and control crypto-asset providers, and dem need make thorough check before dem fit allow new digital assets. EOS Network compliance with these strong rules show say dem dey ready for transparency, security, and innovation.

"Getting approval from JVCEA na big achievement for EOS, and e show say we dey serious about obeying the rules. This approval open new opportunity for EOS for Japan market and e go make us fit connect well with serious businesses and developers wey dey find strong blockchain solution, especially for gaming industry. We dey ready for the opportunities wey dey ahead and we dey committed to make adoption and innovation spread for East Asian markets and even more," Yves La Rose, Founder and CEO of EOS Network Foundation talk.

People don already dey use EOS Network well for Japan market, especially with how Upland don dey expand wey dem build am on top EOS, and e don become one of the biggest metaverses for the industry, and dem don add Tokyo join. With how EOS don work for mainnet for five years without any wahala, plus the Ethereum Virtual Machine wey dem get wey dey perform well well, EOS don build good name for itself among blockchain fans and developers.

This approval show say dem dey recognize EOS Network as reliable and strong, and e open way for dem to grow and make more people use am for East Asian markets. With strong partnerships and better history, EOS dey set for success for the region and e dey solidify their position as one of the top blockchains for the whole world.

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EOS Nigeria Coordinator

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