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EOS EVM v0.6.0 don land for Mainnet!
By Willo
Oct 16, 2023

EOS EVM v0.6.0 don land for Mainnet!

If you dey follow d matter for blockchain, we get some exciting tori to yan. EOS EVM V0.6.0 don show face for Mainnet! This na big milestone for the world of dApps n smart contracts.

The integration of EOS EVM dy carry power and flexibility of Ethereum's Virtual Machine waka enter EOS blockchain, e allow developers build and deploy decentralized applications (dApps) for EOS with Ethereum-compatible smart contracts. This tori bring plenty possibilities for developers and the whole blockchain community.

New Features

  • Trustless Bridge Support for ERC20 Tokens: New smart contracts wey dem don set up for EOS EVM and EOS Native to support two-way transfer of altcoins.
  • USDT (EOS Native) don land for Trustless Bridge: Users fit deposit and withdraw USDT (EOS) for their EOS Native Account and Centralized Exchange Account to their EOS EVM Address.
  • Cross Virtual Machine (VM) Communication: Smart contracts wey dey for EOS EVM and EOS Native fit now call smart contracts wey dey for the opposite virtual machine. This one mean say dem fit use EOS EVM and EOS Native together for different kine things wey fit expand how EOS EVM dey work. E go tap into the power wey dey for both Ethereum and EOS virtual machines.

Click here to sabi more about all the new better-mata wey dey inside EOS EVM.

Release Notes

As the blockchain space dey move forward, the integration of EOS EVM for Mainnet dey show say the community dey serious to push the boundary of wetin fit happen for the world of blockchain technology. Make you stay tuned for more exciting news and new dApps wey go show face as result of this big milestone. The future of blockchain don shine brighter with EOS EVM v0.6.0!

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