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ENF Q2 2023 Quarterly Report
By Willo
Aug 03, 2023

ENF Q2 2023 Quarterly Report

EOS Network Foundation (ENF) dey provide support, money and dey coordinate resources wey dey important to make EOS become better ecosystem. Them wan use the power of decentralization plan well well for the future of EOS Network as e go fit cause positive global change.

Through direct investments, grant framework, sponsored working groups, and Pomelo, ENF dey take correct correct step-by-step approach to fund and help EOS community make better tins, so that EOS go fit become the best Web3 smart contract platform and blockchain ecosystem.

Make you check di latest report so you go sabi everything wey don happen for EOS ecosystem, including:

  • 5 Years wey EOS dey
  • Metrics wey show say EOS dey grow well
  • Latest Updates from EOS EVM
  • Important Partners
  • How Developers Dey Relate
  • Presence for Different Events
  • Wetin dem don develop technically
  • Antelope Coalition
  • Wetin dem wan achieve for di future
  • And many other things.

Click here, make e carry you go were you go get the full report.



EOS Nigeria Coordinator

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