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April 2023 Yield+ Report
By Willo
May 12, 2023

April 2023 Yield+ Report

Yield+ na one program wey dey help for the EOS Ecosystem. E dey designed to build economic activity by encouraging and supporting DeFi (Decentralized Finance) dApps wey dey run on the EOS blockchain. The main aim of Yield+ na to increase Total Value Locked (TVL) and generate yield.

Yield+ dey provide incentives to DeFi dApps, e dey encourage developers to build and deploy their projects on the EOS blockchain. Dis incentives fit be tokens or other rewards wey dem fit use to motivate developers to contribute to dey grow the ecosystem.

By promoting DeFi dApps, Yield+ dey increase economic activity and liquidity for the EOS blockchain. Dis fit attract more users and investors to the ecosystem, as dem fit see the potential for earning yield and participating in decentralized finance activities.

The Yield+ working group na the team wey dey oversee the program. Dem dey responsible for monitoring and evaluating the growth and impact of the program. Dem produce monthly reports wey provide insights into the progress, challenges, and achievements of the program. Dis reports dey help stakeholders and community members understand how Yield+ dey contribute to the development and expansion of the EOS ecosystem.

ENF don drop their April 2023 Yield+ Report. See as e dy be for here



EOS Nigeria Coordinator

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