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Advancing To Leap 6 - EOS go Unlock Savanna’s Quick Finality on July 31st.
By Willo
Feb 21, 2024

Advancing To Leap 6 - EOS go Unlock Savanna’s Quick Finality on July 31st.

Leap 6 dey waka come with di revolutionary Savanna consensus algorithm, wey go make finality faster and transactions go clear over 100 times faster pass before. E no just be small update, e be total upgrade for di network. Savanna go boost transaction finality, plus e go improve security, user experience, and decentralization for di EOS ecosystem.

Better Yan for Infrastructure Providers and Technical Partners

As we dey prepare for di Leap 6.0 upgrade wey dey come, make all di people for di ecosystem join hand well well. Make we remember how we follow waka from di last big upgrade with Antelope Leap 3.1, we sabi say unity for di whole ecosystem dey important for smooth waka.

Make infrastructure providers and technical partners no forget these important dates for di Leap 6 upgrade:

  • Leap 6 final release go happen on July 10th, and e go start di upgrade process.
  • We dey recommend say make all EOS Nodes upgrade from July 11th to 30th, so that everything go waka well and di network go synchronize well.
  • Di hard fork wey be di main thing go waka on July 31st, and dis na di critical date wey all upgrades suppose finish.


E dey important say node operators dy ready to do dis critical upgrade, so dat di network go synchronize well and dem go fit enjoy all di better things wey dey. As di upgrade date dey come close, we go give una detailed instructions. Abeg, make una dey follow our communication well well for di latest updates.

Savanna don show face

Leap 6 don bring Instant Finality through Savanna (Scalable Agreement on Validated Additions with Nimble Nonrepudiating Attestation), wey be one groundbreaking consensus algorithm. Dis algorithm e be like web2 experience inside web3 space, and e draw inspiration from HotStuff consensus algorithm wey VMware Research develop. Savanna na one big evolution for blockchain technology. E be completely new algorithm wey carry block based consensus chains waka come upgrade dem to di modern era of distributed systems, wey use di latest advances for consensus algorithms. E join together aggregate BLS signatures and advanced cryptographic techniques to boost scalability well well and reduce time for finality. Dis one go change how EOS Network dey work, make irreversible transactions happen for just seconds, wey be 100 times better pass previous releases. E go make di network more efficient and give users beta experience, and e go put EOS for front for blockchain development.

Enhanced Privacy and Cryptographic Innovation

Leap 6 get another remarkable side, wey be di potential for cryptographic innovation. Di introduction of aggregate BLS signatures wey fit confirm for as small as 1.1ms, dey create foundation for abstract cryptographic building blocks, wey allow development of ZK proof systems. EOS don do dia own implementation of BLS operations and special matrix operations for WebAssembly. Dis systems dey promise better privacy features like confidential transactions and use of private addresses, and e go set new standards for blockchain privacy and security.

Enabling Flexible Blockchain Structure with Potential New Roles

Leap 6 be one big evolution for inside EOS ecosystem, e dey bring chance wey fit transform how Block Producer role dey. Dis update dey give EOS community option to split Block Producer work into two different functions: Block Proposers and Block Finalizers.

Dis change no just waka happen automatically with Leap 6, but e dey give community chance to follow this new arrangement if dem agree. Introduction of Block Proposers and Block Finalizers fit dey road wey go make network more decentralized, secure, and fit make governance run more efficient.

  • Block Proposers go dey handle arranging transactions make dem form proposed blocks and dem go waka with Block Finalizers make dem generate Quorum Certificates. Dis certificates na confam proof say the proposed block don finalize.

  • Block Finalizers go focus on supporting block proposals by send their signatures go Block Proposer so that Quorum Certificates fit dey created. This split of responsibilities get aim to make the network more secure and efficient by give solid mechanism for block validation and finalization.

For Leap 6, block proposing and block finalizers na two different things. Dis separation fit make EOS blockchain reach higher levels for safety and liveness. E go make network dey more predictable for operation, allow communication between blockchains, and make third parties fit observe and ensure the health of the network without joining to create transactions.

As we dey look front, the future of EOS and Antelope Chains dey promising.

Leap 6.0 don bring one big transformation for EOS network, e don make efficiency and decentralization better with Savanna consensus algorithm. Dis algorithm don sharply boost how transactions finalize, e dey directly ginger network performance and user experience. No be just technical upgrade, Leap 6.0 don also make EOS community spirit strong and show say dem fit blend advanced consensus ways well well. With support from strong technical infrastructure and collaboration from EOS Network node operators, Leap 6.0 dey open way for smooth transition, e dey set new speed and security levels, and e dey influence the next phase for blockchain technology development.

To get all di latest updates about Leap 6.0 upgrade:

Make you join EOS Upgrade Support Telegram group to ask any question and get direct support and guidance during the upgrade process.

Follow EOS Network Foundation (ENF) for Twitter.

Subscribe to ENF YouTube channel for weekly Node Operator Roundtable discussions wey dey give useful insights and updates.

As we dey waka reach the upgrade time, we go still dey release full package content, wey go include deep dives, videos, and technical documents, so that the community go dey well-prepared and informed.

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